Sunday, November 22, 2009

M R . R I G H T

He treats me really well. He makes me feel amazing about myself. He makes me feel like I’m worth the world. He’s willing to give me whatever I want. He’s putting the whole relationship in my hands. He is giving me his heart knowing with certainty that it will one day get broken but yet he’s still willing to take the risk. He’s a comfort to be around. But I don’t get butterflies when I see his face. I love talking to him and I’ve grown so accustomed to him, but my heart doesn’t want to leap out of my chest when we’re together. He makes me happy but I’m not falling head over heels for him. Is it me? Have I become so shielded that I can’t actually fall for someone who would be good for me? Is it the thought of possibly being in a relationship that scares me to the point where I’m just more comfortable pushing him away? Or am I just being selfish, and knowingly hurting him by keeping him around just because I want to be loved?

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